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Located in Post, Texas, Camp C.W. Post is nestled between ravines of the West Texas Caprock System. With its western theme, the camp offers an adventure for every scout. Through various outdoor activities and programs scouts can discover adventure in the Great Plains.

Camp Post offers a range of activities for adventure seeking scouts including horseback riding, mountain biking, climbing, swimming, and a stellar shooting sports program. With a 135,000-gallon pool, campers also have the opportunity to canoe and kayak to beat the summer heat. Scouts of all ages can find adventure and advancement at Camp C.W. Post.

Nestled between rugged ravines and scenic hiking trails, Camp Post features a variety of outdoor activities. Located on the edge of the West Texas Caprock system, Camp Post's Western Theme is full of amazing landscapes and fun things to try!

“Had a great time at Cub Camp!

Looking forward to next trip.”

-Courtney N.

“Outstanding Boy Scout Camp.”

-Chuck V.

“I love this camp! There's tons of stuff to do and everyone always has a great time!”

-Bryce B.

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